Sample Cylinders

The Single Cavity Sample Cylinder and the Absorbent Tube Cylinder are available for gas or liquid sampling in a variety of applications. 




Single Cavity Sample Cylinder

The Welker SC Single Cavity Sample Cylinder may be used in a variety of applications, including liquid sampling. This is a high-pressure, stainless steel, double-ended sample collection cylinder.

This cylinder may be equipped with an optional outage tube to provide appropriate expansion volume remains after filling.

Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual


Materials of Construction 316/316L Stainless Steel
Sample Inlet Connection 1/4" FNPT
Sample Outlet Connection 1/4" MNPT
Cylinder Volume Options 300 cc
500 cc
1000 cc
Operating Pressure 5000 psig MAOP @ -49 °F to 160 °F

Absorbent Tube Cylinder

Absorbent Tube Cylinder

The Welker Absorbent Tube Cylinder is designed to be used with detector tubes available in the industry. Through the controlled extraction of the gas or liquid from the process into the cylinder, the product is sampled without escaping or venting into the environment. Once drawn into the cylinder, the pressure is reduced to atmosphere, and the detector tube is installed. The product is then pushed through the tube and into the back side of the cylinder for safe disposal. The operator is not exposed to the product and the process is simplified.

Welker offers a wide variety of cylinder sizes, materials of construction, pressure ranges and specialty coatings for the WATC.

Download: Specification Sheet