Calibration Kits

For a complete calibration solution, our kits combine a carrying case or bag with your choice of regulator(s), and tubing. When purchased as a kit, receive a 10% discount off the individual purchase price for each item. Gas purchase not included in kit.

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1) Choose a carrying case or backpack.

BCCG_100_2One Cylinder Carrycase

Calibration Kit_01
Two Cylinder Hard Case

Three Cylinder Carrycase

Four Cylinder Backpack

2) Choose 1 or 2 Regulator(s).

012_CACGas_FF-100FF-100 in Stainless Steel or Nickel Plated Brass


010_CACGas_ODFRODFR-1001 in Stainless Steel or Nickel Plated Brass


3) Choose 1 or 2 types of tubing, each option is 1 metre in length.

E3603Tygon E-3603 Tubing

Tigon SE-200SE-200 Teflon Lined Tubing

Typical Calibration Kit Applications

Confined Space Entry Kit:

A Two-Cylinder Hard Case, one FF-100 regulator, one ODFR-1001 regulator, one metre of E3603 and one metre of SE200 tubing,

Two Cylinders of 4gas mixtures (H2S/CO/CH4/O2)

Parking Garage Kit:

A Three Cylinder Bag, one FF-100 regulator, two metres of E3603

Two 103 litre cylinders of 20 or 50ppm Carbon Monoxide,  One  103 litre Cylinder of Zero Air

Oil & Gas: Methane and H2s Fixed System Kit: 

Three Cylinder Bag, two FF-100 regulators, two metres of E3603 tubing,

One 103 litre cylinder of 2.5% CH4 and one 112 litre cylinder of 50ppm H2S, one 103 litre cylinder of zero air.