Calibration Gas


CAC GAS provides calibration and bump test solutions to help ensure safety of workers through the accuracy of your personal, hand-held, vehicle mounted, or fixed gas detection instruments. Whether you require a single, disposable cylinder or a complete gas distribution system connecting multiple gas mixtures to hundreds of docking stations, CAC GAS has the solution.

As a speciality gas manufacturer, we supply calibration gas, regulators, and accessories for every gas detection instrument whether they are portable or fixed. Gas mixtures are available in a variety of sizes from 34 litres to more than 7500 litres gas volume, with gas delivery equipment, to meet your requirements.

Gas mixing and dilution systems are available that can be used for multi-point or ‘span’ calibrations for all types of instruments, even where ISO17025 or ‘NATA’ calibrations are required.

Our products can be used in every application where calibration gas mixtures are required.

  • Multi-gas mixtures (4 and 5gas) including H2S/CO/CO2/CH4/O2
  • Single gas binary mixtures CO, CL2, H2S, HCL, HCN, NH3, NO, NO2, SO2
  • ppm to % volume concentrations
  • Refrigerant calibration gas
  • Specialty mixtures for PID calibration – Isobutylene, benzene
  • Specialty mixtures for marine applications- butane/isobutane
  • Gas Mixtures in cylinders from 34 litre to 7500 litre size
  • Large volume/high pressure cylinders for calibration/bump testing
  • Gas Distribution Systems for connection to Docking Stations
  • Specialty carrying cases/systems for technicians calibrating fixed systems
  • Experience in all sensor types for specialized calibrations.

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