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The impact of unreliable or poorly serviced products is injury or even death. We prioritise product quality and the highest service level in everything we do.

Comprehensive Support

Our technical experts will help you develop effective and efficient solutions for your OHS, process, environmental and laboratory gas applications.

Application Expertise

Every application is different. CAC will work to have a thorough understanding of your challenges and provide an appropriate and timely solution for your application.

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About Us:

In 2008, CAC Gas & Instrumentation was established in Australia and New Zealand to provide customers with exceptional customer support when sourcing specialty gas mixtures, calibration gas and associated gas control systems. CAC GAS Asia, based in Singapore, opened in 2019. 

With locations in both Sydney and Singapore, CAC GAS has the logistic expertise to provide our products and services globally.

Specialising in specialty gas products for gas detection, process gas analysis, environmental monitoring and laboratory gas analysis applications, CAC GAS brings years of practical knowledge and skills in understanding customer requirements and providing solutions that exceed customer expectations.

CAC GAS provides specialty calibration gas mixtures in multiple cylinder sizes focusing on the application to ensure customer requirements are maximised. We source specialty gas mixtures globally to provide reference, certified, EPA and ISO 17025 gas mixtures for all your technical requirements. Our products can be used in every application where calibration gas mixtures are required.

We stock a large number of gas standards and enter into supply agreements with organizations where immediate delivery is required.

A total solution provider, CAC GAS supplies gas generators, mixers, calibrators along with a complete gas control product range including regulators, outlet panel, manifolds and gas distribution systems.

Leaders in providing unique solutions, CAC GAS takes the time necessary to properly evaluate and understand customer applications and objectives in order to provide the most efficient and cost effective solution possible.

Improving efficiency -------- Improving productivity -------- Lowering total cost


Calibration Gas & Specialty Gas Analysis 



Through a complete analysis of all areas, at no cost to you, we guarantee we'll find ways for you to save on your annual calibration and specialty gas mixtures purchases by up to 20%. We'll also provide you a report filled with recommendations on what you can do to improve your current situation. 

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