Regulators & Gas Control Products for High Pressure or Specialty Gas Cylinders


CAC GAS supplies a complete line of specialty gas, pressure and flow regulators for supplying carrier gas, specialty gas standards and calibration gases for all applications.

The Tech-Master, Spec-Master and Chem-Master pressure regulators are part of a line of products capable of managing non-corrosive and corrosive gases up to n6 purity and includes manifolds and outlet points to provide a complete gas control solution.

 Whether gas chromatography, process gas analysers, environmental analysis or gas detection we have the regulator systems to meet your gas handling requirements.

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Chem-Master High Pressure Single-stage regulatorChem-Master High Pressure Regulator


Spec-Master Multi-stage regulatorSpec-Master High Pressure Regulator


Tech-Master High Pressure RegulatorTech-Master High Pressure Regulator


Regulator Purge ValvesRegulator Purge Valves


BTS-FP8 Fixed Pressure RegulatorBTS-FP8 Fixed Pressure Regulator


FF-200 Fixed Flow High Pressure RegulatorFixed Flow High Pressure Regulator


On demand flow high pressure regulatorOn Demand Flow High Pressure Regulator


Variable Flow High Pressure RegulatorVariable Flow High Pressure Regulator


Chem-Master Line RegulatorIn Line Regulator


Spec-Master Manual ManifoldManifolds


Chem-Master Inline Outlet PointOutlet Points