Our Applications


We specialise in specialty gas products for gas detection, process gas analysis, and environmental monitoring and laboratory gas analysis applications.

A total solution provider, CAC GAS supplies gas generators, mixers, calibrators along with a complete gas control product range including regulators, outlet panel, manifolds and gas distribution systems.


CAC GAS provides calibration and bump test solutions to help ensure the safety and accuracy of your precision gas detection instruments.

Whether you require a simple disposable cylinder or a complete gas distribution system connecting gas mixtures to hundreds of docking stations, CAC GAS has the solution.

As a specialty gas manufacturer, we supply calibration gas for every gas detection instrument whether they are portable or fixed.

Gas mixtures are available in a variety of sizes from 34 litres to 7500 litres with regulators to match your requirements


Analytical gas mixtures for process online measurement are key contributors for manufacturing and quality assurance. Our ISO 17025 accredited calibration gases ensure accurate traceable calibrations.

Whether the requirement is a certified, traceable or an ISO17025 accredited gas standard, CAC GAS analyses your requirements and provides
a technical solution which meets your specific needs in a cylinder size that is fit for purpose.

Process gas measurement requires specialty gas control systems. CAC provides a complete technical solution including regulators, manifolds
and outlet panels.


Environmental protection requires accurate and precise measurement of gas emissions
in all industrial and power plant stack gas applications.

CAC GAS supply EPA Protocol gas mixtures prepared and analysed in strict accordance with the EPA’s most current guideline – EPA
Traceability Protocol Assay and Certification of Gaseous Calibration Standards.

In addition, we supply ISO 17025 Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) gas standards for CO2, CO, O2, NO, NO2 and SO2. All gas
mixtures are traceable to either NIST or UKAS accreditation organisations.


Gas Chromatography and other laboratory analysers require the highest level of accuracy and uncertainty in calibration gas to provide accurate and repeatable results.

CAC GAS provides gravimetrically produced calibration and specialty gas mixtures manufactured to the highest global standards.

To complement traditional gas mixtures, CAC GAS provides carrier gas generators, gas
dividers and gas calibrators which can expand the benefits of accurate gas mixtures. With a
complete line of gas control products, CAC GAS can provide a total solution for any laboratory